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Copyright helps creating ownership of a business. By acquiring copyright, you can protect valuable records and files like software, books, video recordings, music, artwork and others. Copyright includes a right offered by the law to authors, musicians, producers and others for books, music, drama, films etc. There can be a bit of difference for the composition of the rights based on the profession.

Rights of authors are ensured by copyright about their creations. Thus, their creativity gets safeguard and reward also. As creativity is the root of progress, every civilized society gives preference to look after it. A society can be developed economically and socially by encouraging vital requirements of creativity. The protection offered by copyright makes encouraging feel of designers, architects, dramatists of computer software, music, cinematograph films and others. It motivates them produce more and also promote others to create.

One Click Business Solutions Private Limited offers copyright registration services at a cost-effective price. We have experienced professionals to deal with various registration procedures like copyright registration, trademark registration, patent registration etc.

Documents needed for Registration in different fields :

Cinematograph Film :

DD or IPO of rupees according to work

2 copies of project or task

NOC of publisher where he is different

NOC is to be obtained from different copyright holders

Artistic :

DD or IPO of the amount according to the quantity per work

2 copies of service whatever is done using creativity

NOC of publisher where he is different entity

NOC is mandatory from the artist if applicant is not the same

NOC of the individual whose photo exists on the work

Software :

DD or IPO of rupees according to project

2 copies of job or task

NOC from publisher if publisher is not same

NOC of the creator where he is not candidate

Music :

DD or IPO of rupees according to the project

2 copies of work

NOC of writer if he is different from applicant

NOC of publisher when he is different

Sound recording :

DD or IPO of rupees related to assignment

2 copies of work

NOC of publisher if he is not candidate

NOC of different copyright owners

Application must be signed by the applicant who wants to get copyright.

Process of copyright registration :

We at One Click Business Solutions Private Limited complete copyright registration procedure within 2 to 3 working days. At our company, a dedicated team of experts are there. They will ask you for the basic details of the project you want to get copyright for.

What makes us different from others?

You may call or visit us. Get important advice with our vibrant team and acquire the best service from us. We are 100% committed to register your start-ups on time. Let us know what make us different from others :

Cost-effective copyright registration – Get cost-effective copyright registration services from us in India. We offer affordable services for start-ups, entrepreneurs etc.

Fastest copyright registration service – We provide our clients with quickest copyright registration service in India. Our motto is to complete your copyright registration as soon as possible.

Updating status on copyright application – Our professionals will give you update on whatsapp about your copyright registration procedure. We inform you about any legal matters like hearing and others.

100% online application – Copyright registration procedure is 100% online. So it can be started and completed without pacing outside your home or business.

We generate new thoughts and we solve big problems. Our passionate team are motivated to assist you dream big. So what are you thinking for! Contact us as soon as possible on telephone or email us.

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