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A trademark includes unique identity that is related to a product or service to distinguish it from others. By doing trademark registration online, a brand can get a visual sign. A business uses this and it may be a word, a name, numerals or label. Trademark of a goods or service helps making distinction from the products of other businesses.

Brand, logo or trademark is the identity of a business among the consumers. Trademark registration can be performed online under various categories and there are 45 categories or classes. Registration of trademark is performed under Trademark Act, 1999. The trademark owner can take legal action whenever any infringement of trademark takes place.

Trademark comprises a series of words or unique symbol or any combination of symbol or words. Only a specific company can use it and not other can use it without the official consent of that company. The specific combinations of the symbols or words or both are registered under the specific company. This is how to register a product in order to get a brand name. Other product or business cannot use this brand name.

In case of trademarks, symbols are identical with the name of the company. The power of trademark includes that majority of them are identified by their brand name while their registered name in the market is not considered. Their name, symbolic representation or the collection of the symbols are known by the market in which they are famous. The actual name of the company is not known to anybody.

Therefore, trademark should be selected carefully. It should include some meaning and also symbolize the business and its products. The consumers should get an idea about the type of the company and its role while seeing the brand name or trademarks of a business.

Benefits of trademark registration

Make goodwill and trusts

Exclusive rights

Recognition to quality of product

Differentiate product

Prevent Infringement

Use of ® symbol

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