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F.I.R.(First Information Report)

F.I.R is a very crucial and important instrument in a criminal case. On the commission of any crime in the society, any general public in case of any crime against society or the victim or his/her relative. In case of any crime against an individual private body inform the police, the machinery of the state to lodge a case against the person(s) responsible for commission of the crime. The police lodge a case and take a signature of the complainant under the written information. The police investigate in the case and arrest the person if required evidence is found against him/her during investigation.

The First Information Report (FIR) is a composed document produced by the police when they get data about the commission of a cognizable offense. It is a report of data that arrives at the police first in first stage. This is the reason that it is called, First Information Report. We as your lawyer will directly call the police and help you in lodging the case. The police will provide you an F.I.R copy in this regard.

An F.I.R. is generally lodged in the police station under the jurisdiction of the commission of the offense or where the informant resides.


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False F.I.R.

In case any False F.I.R is lodged against you, we as your lawyer will help you coordinating with the I.O (Investigating Officer) of the case to quash the false F.I.R as soon as possible on the basis of a proper impartial and fair investigation of such case.

Zero F.I.R.

The concept of Zero F.I.R was first introduced in Kriti Vasisht vs State & others on 29-11-2019. It was stated by the Hon'ble Court that in any case where fast lodging of F.I.R and investigation is required, the victim can lodge the police station in any police station in India as per his or her conveniences and later it can be transferred to the police station having jurisdiction of the case.

In case the police do not want to help you, you can go to the Superintendent of Police(S.P) or file a criminal complaint before the judicial magistrate, First Class. He will direct the police to lodge & investigate the case.


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