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Send Legal Notice

A Legal Notice can be sent in the event of any civil misdeed prior to filing of suit. If there should arise an occurrence of criminal offense, no notification can be sent. Under section 80 of the Civil Procedure Code of 1908, legal notice can be dispatched to a public or government official who encroached the responsible party's privilege over the span of work.

When Notice can be Served

1. Notice served to the worker by the employer for infringement of any terms referenced in the employment contract, sexual harassment of another employee, infringement of HR guidelines of an organization, abruptly walking out of the job without any notice.

2. Notice served to the employer for unpaid salary, violation of employment agreement, and termination without reasonable cause.

3. Notice issued against the issuer of a cheque when cheque bounces.

4. Notice can be served in disputes related to properties such as ownership dispute, mortgage etc.

5. Notice can be issued to family member for personal issue like divorce, custody of child, inheritance dispute.

6. Notice issued to the manufacturing organizations in complaining the delivery of faulty products or providing inadequate services.

• In care if you do not have any previous experience in drafting legal notice, it is also recommended to hire a civil lawyer to draft the document on your behalf. It is also extremely crucial that the lawyer must sign in the notice even if he did not draft it. It is also very necessary that a lawyer must sign in the notice although he did not draft it. The notice must be drafted in the lawyer’s letter pad.

• Once a notice is sent out there is no turning back because there can be no changes made thereafter.

• The legal notice can be sent personally or by online. A designated time of 15-20 days should be provided to the receiver in responding to the notice.

• The notice must be prepared in a way that the receiver would have no other option than to submit to the particulars of the sender and to stay away from the need to initiate legal proceedings against him/her.

• The requisite facts and expected remedies must be precise and accurate to the point that receiver cannot deny it. The legal aspect i.e. the law under which the countermeasure is asserted, should be declared precisely.

• In case of any cheque bounce scenario, a legal notice need to be served within 30 days from the date of the cheque bounced. The legal suit can be filed if there is no repayment of money after 15 days of serving notice.


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