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Procedure for Name Change in India

There are three things which are needed to be done for name change of a person in India.

1. Affidavit Submission.

2. Newspaper Publication.

3. Gazette Notification.

Changing someone’s name or adding initials or even just one letter is quite usual in India. We believe in Vaastu, numerology and it’s common for women to change their first and last name after her marriage. Even though it is lengthy we make it simple for you.

First we will make an affidavit ready for you, you will make a publication in newspaper in a following format:

I, ABC, living at (address must be mentioned), have changed my name to XYZ and will be known as XYZ from here on in. I have presented a confirmation with the repercussions, which was endorsed by on.

The change should be advertised in one newspaper and one advertisement in the national newspaper and the other advertisement in the regional newspaper.


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For Gazette Notification, You Need to Submit the Following Documents

a. A copy of the ‘Deed changing name form’ available with the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication.

b. A letter of declaration from you, stating the need for changing the name will do.

c. Original copies of advertisements published with the date with both advertisements.

d. Two attested photographs to ensure you go ahead with the procedure uninterrupted.

e. Address and identity proofs.


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