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What is Barcode?

Barcodes are symbols in the form of parallel lines and numbers that can be read by machine. They are used universally for identifying and tracking products. Barcodes play an important role in supply chains. It enables manufacturers, retailers and transport providers for identifying and tracking products since they pass through supply chain. You may have a product already and want to add a barcode to its label. However you may not sure about the need of barcode in your business. Now let us know the uses and needs of barcode.

Obtaining a Barcode on Retail Product Label

In order to sell the products of a business in a retail market, they must be registered with GS1. GS1 manages barcodes globally. Own and unique barcode is assigned and registered for a business in order to identify it as the manufacturer of the product. 12 digit and unique Universal Product Code or UPC or EAN company identification number is offered by GS1.

This number is to be entered into EAN-12 / and UPC-A barcode on the label of the products. Any retail product can be scanned by a registered barcode and the information included in the code will be fetched by the system.

GS1 was established in India in the year 1996 by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is established as a non-profit organization. GS1 India is an affiliate of GS1 Global and it allocates and manages GS1 barcode in India.

A Few Classifications of Barcode

Different barcodes are required by different applications because they have varied capacity to store varied data. In order to address different needs, standards are set by GS1 to use diverse barcode symbols. Now we focus on different categories of GS1 barcodes :

GS1 DataBar Family Barcodes – Fresh foods labels contain DataBar barcodes. This kind of barcode can keep information such as batch number or expiry date of an item. Besides, item weight attribute is also used with this at the point of sale.

GS1 UPC/ EAN Family Barcodes – GS1 UPC/EAN barcodes can be detected immediately and they are printed on each consumer product virtually around the world. These are the oldest and extensively used of all GS1 barcodes.

GS1 1D Barcodes – ITF-14 and GS1-128 are tremendously versatile 1D barcodes. It is used to track items at the global chains. ITF-14 barcode can have the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and it is appropriate to print on corrugated materials. Any of the GS1 ID keys can be carried by GS1-128 barcode with important information like expiry date, serial number and more.

GS1 2D Barcodes – 2D or two-dimensional barcodes are similar to rectangles or squares that incorporate a number of individual and small dots. A single 2D barcode includes an important amount of information and remains readable even when it is printed on a product at a little volume. A lot of industries like warehouses, manufacturing units, healthcare and logistics are using 2D barcodes.

Advantages of Barcode

Decrease training time

Remove human error

Versatile in nature

Inexpensive design and printing

Offers better data

Develops inventory control

Facilitate improved decision making

Rapid availability of data

Procedure to complete Barcode Registration

Step 1 - Type and Number – Various types of barcodes are there and this can be taken in different sizes. The procedure starts with identification of need by the applicant.

Step 2 - Documents to be arranged - With barcode application, there are a variety of documents like the balance sheet to confirm the turnover of the company, Memorandum of Association and others to be annexed.

Step 3 - Government Fee - The government fee is paid in the kind of demand draft after calculating the lot size and the validity period of the barcode to be obtained.

Step 4 - Delivery - We deliver the barcodes within quickest turnaround time after getting the order with complete documents along with professional fee for the service.

Required Documents for Barcode Registration

PAN Card of Company – A copy of PAN Card of the company is needed as proof of authentication of the organization.

Proof of Business Registration like certificate of incorporation, GST registration, partnership deed, FSSAI license, shop establishment certificate and others should be produced.

Audited Financial Statement - To get the annual turnover of the organization of last year and audited financial statement of the last year is required.

Cancelled Cheque – A cancelled cheque is important to be submitted to check bank account details.

Company Letterhead – Letter to request for the allotment of barcode on the letterhead of company should be submitted.

Product Details like serial number, product number, MRP of the product and batch number.

At One Click Business Solutions Private Limited, we have a vibrant team to deal with bar code registration services. Our professionals use state-of-the-art technology to perform different registration like private company registration, public limited registration, nidhi company registration and others. We give maximum importance on transparency and cost-effective price, customer satisfaction and finest after sale service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is known as Barcode?

A barcode is a symbol readable by machine in the type of numbers and parallel lines used unanimously to recognize and track diverse products. In retail stores, they are mainly used as a part of the purchase procedure, in warehouses for tracking inventory, on invoices to help in accounting and many others.

Ques: Why do I need a Barcode for my products?

In the present situation, almost all retailers depend upon the barcodes to handle pricing, stock, a sales figure, inventory and ordering. It is a common necessity for most of the retailers. To make a widest possible market for your product in addition to an audience, it is recommended to get an exclusive barcode for assigning your products.

Ques: What quantity of barcodes should I obtain?

Each unique item that you want to sell needs an EAN/UPC number. Each product variations require unique barcodes per variation for satisfying the needs of global retailers.

Ques: Does barcode store information?

No, the barcode is just a definite and unique identifier which is connected to your products and recorded into an inventory of retailer.

Can a barcode be expired once it is obtained?

Never, once purchased a barcode, it becomes permanently yours.

Ques: For which kinds of products barcode is appropriate?

The barcode is effective for any retail product excluding books, periodicals, magazine and journals. In the case of a book, it is recommended to apply for International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Ques: Which product identification number is required for periodicals and books?

ISBN Number is necessary for Books. It helps identifying a publisher and permits the publisher to determine a specific addition of a specific title for a specific format within the output.

Ques: What is the minimum amount of bar code can be taken?

Barcode is available in a composite package of 100 and its multiple by. For example, 100, 1,000, 10,000 to 1 lac.

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