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A patent registration offers authority to an inventor. It allows the inventor to prevent others from creating, selling or using the invention for a specific time. The patent system facilitates inventions that are useful and unique for the society.

The holder gets exclusive right over his innovations by a patent as it is a type of intellectual property. According to a public discovery agreement of the specific innovation, other firms, persons, or any other companies are prohibited to use it. This type of strict protection is enabled by the law. One can secure his discoveries in the best way by using patents.

It is not an easy task to get a patent because it provides the holder with the maximum level of protection. Therefore a patent must have exceptional qualities for which it is to be granted.

Now let us have a look at the qualities :

Usefulness – Usefulness of a patent refers to a process, invention, medicine or any product that can be used by corporate or general public. All the patents that are filed so far either has to be used by the general public or corporate.

Anticipation – The patent for which registration is to be done must not be there in the market. Some factors define the lack of uniqueness or its absence. They are public knowledge about the patent, prior publication of the knowledge of the patent and use of patents by public. It also involves the selection inventions and the commercial products.

Exceptionality – The patent should be unique and should not be known to the public. It should stand for something that has been innovated or made. It must symbolize something exceptional.

Now we will focus on advantages of patent registration in India :

Profound market position – The well-known quality of a product or service is recognized by trademark. It creates trust and reputation among the consumers in the market. This makes stable and loyal customers who always go for the same brand.

Special rights – Registered patents offer exclusive rights. It helps inventor to stop others from using the discovery. The period of the rights is 20 years from date on when filling for the patent application is done.

Good image of the company – Investors, business partners and shareholders may consider the patent portfolios as an expression. The high level of expertise is offered by the experts. This represents the capability of the company. Besides, it is helpful to raise funds and also find business partners.

Higher returns on investments – An investor dedicates an extensive amount of money and time to grow the innovation under the protection of special rights. It is possible to take the invention to the commercial market to get higher returns on the same. Economic usefulness of the patent is important in this case.

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