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FSSAI Registration

Food related products and food license or FSSAI registration are under FSSAI Act 2006. According to FSSAI Act, all the food related business need to follow its rules and regulations. Standards, rules and regulations are managed by FSSAI Act. This has jurisdiction to report directly to health & family welfare, Government of India.

This involves a 14 digit registration number that is used by food related business. The number is printed on the food products along with license number. Be it a manufacturer, trader or import export is important for every type of business. If you are involved in manufacturing food, processing food, packaging or distribution then it's mandatory to get food license or do FSSAI registration.

Who need FSSAI registration?

This is mandatory for every food related business to perform FSSAI registration. Be it a food manufacturing or food processing business irrespective of its turnover, FSSAI registration is important for the following :

Many legal policies are settled.

It develops confidence of the customers by facilitating their safety.

Help in promotion of new products

Different categories of FSSAI registration

Legal registration is essential to start a food related business in India. Business incorporation entity like private limited company or proprietorship firm and others are incorporated through this. Apart from this GST registration and others may be required. There are 3 types of food license that is important for any food related business :

Basic FSSAI Registration – Small businesses that have yearly turnover of less than 12 lakh rupees and the turnover is calculated on yearly basis need this.

State FSSAI Registration - If you have basic FSSAI registration and exceeds 12 lakh rupees turnover yearly but less than 20 crore rupees, state FSSAI registration is necessary.

Central FSSAI Registration – In order to start export import business or supply various departments of government, it is essential to get central FSSAI registration. This is also important for businesses with large turnover of more than 20 crore in a year.

Documents needed to perform FSSAI registration

Type of food license and legal entity are considering factor for documentation procedure.

Personal information of FSSAI registration of the applicant :

PAN card – Photocopy of PAN card

Any of the 4 – Photocopy of passport/ voter identity/ driving license / aadhaar card

Passport size photograph

Registered place of the food business :

Photocopy of rent agreement if the business is on rented property

Latest utility bill like electricity or water bill

Photocopy of property documents if business is on owned property

One Click Business Solutions Pvt Ltd offers FSSAI licence approval services across India in quickest turnaround time. At our company, we offer cost-effective FSSAI registration services across India as our motto is to help young entrepreneurs fulfilling their corporate dream. We work with experienced chartered accountants and company secretaries to ensure accurate and fastest registration.

Our motto is to offer you update periodically about your FSSAI registration whenever an update is there. Food license procedure is 100% online so it is easy to start and accomplish the process without moving out of your home or business. We want to maintain transparency with you so there is not any hidden charge. You need to pay only what you see in our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is meant by FSSAI?

On August 23, 2006 all the food safety related acts came under one Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that includes the supreme authority regarding the food like processing, manufacturing, transportation, packing and its distribution. It becomes compulsory to have a food license for everyone who is in the chain that needs handling food at any stage. License or registration with FSSAI is essential for everybody who is doing a food business.

Ques: How long does it take to acquire FSSAI registration?

There are three kinds of FSSAI registration procedures and the time for FSSAI license registration is different :

Approximately 7 working days are required for the basic FSSAI license

Approximately 30 days is needed for State license and Central license

Ques: How much does it cost to acquire FSSAI license?

FSSAI license fees differ according to the kind of FSSAI license.

Ques: Why should you acquire FSSAI license?

There is an enhanced level of consumer confidence regarding safety and quality of food.

It helps promoting new innovations in the field of foods products.

It helps to remove numerous regulations.

It promotes trade without compromising consumer safety.

Ques: What is FSSAI all about?

Decentralizing food products and licensing

Issuing license easily with time frame of 1 month

Only registration is compulsory for small FBO's and there is no need of license

This act confirms safety of consumer and full compensation to victim in the case of injury or death

Ques: What are the instructions of FSSAI?

It is compulsory to register Food Business Operator.

If Food Business Operator is functioning in more than 1 state, 1 additional Central License for Head Office is essential.

Importers are allowed to take 1 single central license at their Import Export Code address.

1 presumption with diverse kinds of businesses is suitable for 1 registration only.

Food Business Operator should follow the conditions of registration.

Ques: Do I require applying for FSSAI license while selling a couple of homemade stuffs online on small scale?

Yes, you require applying for a FSSAI registration provided that your business is on small scale and turnover is between 0 to 12 lakh.

Ques: What is FSSA (Food Safety and Security Act) of 2006 and why it is required?

Food Safety and Security Act of 2006 includes an Act and FSSAI has been started under the standards for food products depending on science and controls their storage, production, sales, distribution and imports. Its main reason was to keep a particular standard of the food quality and to reduce the corruption and substandard quality of food.

Ques: Does FSSA (Food Safety and Security Act) of 2006 fulfil the object of unified food laws?

Yes, the Act combines a variety of food laws

Ques: Who is responsible to execute and enforce FSSA 2006?

With the help of State Food Authorities, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are in charge while implementing and enforcing FSSA, 2006

Ques: What are the main concerns of FSSAI?

The main concern of the FSSAI is based on the standards of food and to control their storage, manufacture, sale, distribution and import to ensure availability of safe and healthy food for human utilization. Its main motive was to maintain a specific standard of the food quality and to prevent the corruption and substandard quality of food.

Ques: Which orders / acts related to food is repealed in FSSA, 2006?

The following acts / orders stated in second schedule of the act are going to be repealed in Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 :

Fruit Products Order, 1955

Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954

Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order, 1947

Meat Food Products Order, 1973

Solvent Extracted Oil, De oiled Meal, and Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967

Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation) Order, 1998

Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992

Any other order according to Essential Commodities Act, 1955 associated to food

Ques: Does FSSAI offer training to a range of operators of food business?

FSSAI create awareness about food safety with FBO and will coordinate training with the help of recognized with agencies.

Ques: Are there any microbiological rule regarding food in India?

There are no microbiological rules regarding food in India but the microbiological standards are there in the FSSAI regulations for foods in India.

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