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A public limited company is a large enterprise with its objective to collect funds from public through different modes like IPO (Initial Public Offering), draft etc. Although, there is no maximum limit of members yet, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) approval is mandatory for more than 500 members.

One Click Business Solutions Private Limited is the largest business services provider. We perform public limited company registration online to accelerate the registration process with just a few clicks. Our professionals are dedicated to help developing entrepreneurs easily commence and establish their business. At our company, we provide the best business services at reasonable fees.

We, at One Click Business Solutions Private Limited are highly experienced about the procedure of public limited company registration. New entrepreneurs need hassle-free registration service to incorporate and establish their businesses. We are well-informed about how to register public limited company to avoid legal problems.

At our company, we have a team of well-experienced registration consultants. We are committed to process company registration documents perfectly as it is our utmost priority to help young entrepreneurs to incorporate their businesses.

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A public limited company is the biggest type of business available in India.

Shares of Public Limited Companies are traded in stock market. Fixed deposits are issued by Public Limited Companies. In order to complete Public Limited Company Registration, at least 7 shareholders, 3 directors and also 5 lakhs Paid up capital are required.

A Public Limited Company can enjoy all the advantages of Private Limited Company. It can have any number of members. Shareholding can be transferred easily with enhanced transparency.


Yes, we at One Click Business Solutions perform online public limited company registration at fastest turnaround time. You don't need to be in office physically. Registering a Public Limited Company in India from anywhere is just a few clicks away from you. Here we offer quick public limited company registration at lowest price with step by step procedure in West Bengal, Kolkata, Delhi , UP, Maharashtra, MP, Mumbai, Jaipur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Pune, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh. We have a team of qualified professionals to perform public limited company registration online service to its clients.

What is the Criteria of Public Limited Company Registration?

At least 7 individuals –
At least seven individuals are essential to commence the Public Limited Company in India. These 7 people can be director and shareholder of the company. Though, there is not any maximum limit of individual to become shareholder in the public limited company.

At least 3 directors -
These Organizations should have minimum 3 directors.

One Resident Director –
One person must be Indian citizen among all the directors.

Minimum Share Capital -
Minimum subscribed share capital and authorized capital needed for public limited company is Rs 5 lakh.

Digital Signature -
DSC (Digital Signature) is a fundamental need for initiating the Public Limited Company Registration Process. All the forms are submitted must be self-attested.

Required details :

Email ID and Mobile number

PAN and Aadhaar

Digital signature certificate of one of the directors is required while submitting self-attested copies of address and identity proof. DSC is required for all seven shareholders to sign Memorandum of Association (e-Form) and Articles of Association (e-Form).

For selecting the name of the company, a RUN Form application is to be made.

A memorandum of Association must have main object clause of the company. This object clause can define what will be pursued by a company after its incorporation. The application should be submitted through SPICE e-Form to ROC (Registrar of Companies) with all the required documents like AOA (Articles of Association), MOA (Memorandum of Association), Form INC-9, duly filled Form DIR-2 and Form INC-10 is essential.

Prescribed MCA registration fees are needed to be paid to the ROC.

Once an approval is obtained from ROC, application should be made for the certificate of business commencement by the company.

Unique name –
The name of a public limited company must be unique and should not be identical to any other existing trademark or company name.

A Public Limited Company is managed strictly and it needs to reveal its financial condition to the shareholders.



Public Limited Company Registration Online in Kolkata
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How to Register Public Limited Company Kolkata-Delhi-UP
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Cost of Public Limited Company Registration in Kolkata-Delhi-UP
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Public Limited Company Registration Fees in Kolkata-Delhi-UP
Company Address Proof


Passport size photograph of directors

Copy of Voter Identity Card or Passport or Driving License is needed

Current Telephone or Mobile Bill or Bank statement is required

Photocopy of PAN Card of directors

Scanned copy of signed documents


In case of rented property, copy of rent agreement is required

In case of owned property, copy of property papers is essential

Water, Electricity or Gas bill of the business place is important

No Objection Certificate from landlord should be given with specified format


Registration of Public Limited Procedure is very easy. The complete process is 100% online thus you don't need to come to our office physically to complete the company registration.

Step 1 – All required documents are to be arranged –
At first all the documents are to be arranged and all of them are to be sent to us over email. Our executives will examine the documents. If everything is satisfactory, then our executive will start registration process.

Step 2 – DSC, and Approval of Name –
Once we get all required documents, our experts will start the process of DSC and approval of name.

Step 3 – File for completing incorporation – As early as the approval of name will be completed, your company incorporation will be filed by us. After approval is obtained, the incorporation task will be completed.


1st day – DSC

2nd day – DIN

3 to 8 days – Name Approval

9 to 15 days – Documents of Incorporation


Start Your Public Limited Company Today in Kolkata-Delhi-UP


Limited Liability –
Each shareholder's liability is limited. A shareholder of a public limited company is not liable for any loss or debts of the company for an amount greater than their invested amount. This is unlike sole proprietorship and partnerships where both the business owners and partners are liable for the debts of the company. Although stockholders cannot enjoy this characteristic of public limited company and they will be responsible for their illegal activities.

Directors –
Minimum 3 directors are required and the company can have a maximum 15 directors. It may appoint more than fifteen directors after approved by a special resolution.

Shareholder –
Minimum number of shareholder is 7 and there is no limit on maximum number of shareholders.

Paid up share Capital –
Minimum 5 lakh or higher paid up share capital is required to start a public limited company according to the act.

Name –
According to the companies Act 2013, it is essential to add the word 'limited' after the name of the company.

Prospectus –
It is a complete report of the company affairs distributed by public limited company. Issuing a prospectus by public limited company is compulsory according to the act. However there are no such provisions for private limited company. Due to this, private limited company cannot ask for the public for subscribing their shares.


Continuous Existence -
The status of shareholders cannot affect the lifespan of the company and it continues still after the death of shareholders.

Limited Liability -
Liability of directors and members of the Public Limited Company has limit to their shares.

Enhanced Capital -
General public are offered to buy shares thus anybody can invest in public limited company. So it enhances the capital of the organization.

Growth and Expansion -
As reduced risk is involved, perfect opportunity is there to grow and expand the business by making investment in new projects. The investment is made with the money by allotting shares.

Free transfer of shares –
The shares can be transferred freely without the consent of other shareholders in comparison to private limited companies.

Different Legal Body –
Legal body of a public limited company is separate from its promoters or shareholders.

Ownership of Property –
Public limited company can buy, sale and also own the property like individual.

Increased Borrowing Capacity –
Public Limited Company is recognized for borrowing from banks and other financial institutions. A number of financial instruments are available to public limited companies. However they are not accessible by the other types of business organizations.

Well-organized Management -
Management is more efficient in public limited company compared to other business entities. Vast pool of professionals and experienced individuals ensure well-organized management in public limited company.


Strict compliances

Deposits cannot be accepted

Bank finance is not accessible before 2 years

Cost of compliance per year


Ques: What is Public Limited Company?

Public limited company is known as a distinct legal body with limited liability. Shares of a public limited company may be sold freely and traded to the public. Due to this, the phrase Public Limited Company is added after its name.

Ques: Why Public Limited Company?

By following compliance, shares can be listed by public limited company on stock exchange

Enhanced priority is offered to public limited company while giving loan

The liabilities of its directors are limited by Public Limited Company

Shares of the shareholder can be transferred easily

Ques: Is Public Limited Company suitable for Government Start-up Scheme?

No, a public limited company is not suitable for Government start-up scheme.

Ques: What is known as DSC?

Digital signature certificate denotes signing important documents digitally or electronically by an individual who has authority. This is not applicable for hard copies of documents.

Ques: What is called DIN?

DIN is known as Director Identification Number which is allotted to present Director or would-be Director of an organization that is registered or would be registered. This is allotted by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Ques: Whether a Foreign national or NRI can be a director in Indian Company?

Yes, foreign national or NRI can be a director and shareholder of the Indian company. However, at least 1 Indian Resident should be there as a director on the board of directors of the company.

Ques: Is a minor eligible to be a director?

No, minor cannot be a director as DIN is essential. A person should be 18 years old or more to obtain a DIN.

Ques: Can a salaried individual also become a director of an organization?

Yes, a salaried individual can be a director of an organization provided that such provisions should match employment agreement.

Q: What is known as Authorized Capital?

It includes maximum acceptable amount of share capital which can be issued to shareholders by a company. Authorized share capital can be changed by a company when it is needed from time to time. It depends on the need of the organization subject to approval of members or shareholders.

Q: What is meant by Paid-up capital?

Paid-up share capital is called Issued share capital of the Organization. This is an amount of shares issued to the share holders by an organization.

Q: What is known as Registered Office?

The registered office of an organization is the main place of a company to do business. This place is used for sending entire official correspondence.

Q: What is called MoA (Memorandum of Association)?

As par Section 2(56) of the Company Act, 2013, the term "Memorandum" denotes a company's memorandum of association which indicates the main objects of the company. This is altered from time to time following any past company law or of the Act. This is a charter document of an organization that includes essential details of the company.

Q: What is known as Articles of Association?

Articles of Association are by-laws of a company. This includes Rules and Regulation pursued by the company. It incorporates duties, objectives and authorities of the Board of Director like voting rights, borrowing capacity, process to issue and transfer of shares.

Q: Is it possible to enhance Paid-Up Capital and Authorized Capital after completing of incorporation procedure?

Yes, Paid-up capital and authorized capital can be enhanced by ROC's legal procedure.

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