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Logo Name Registration

A logo is a symbol that can distinguish your products and services from those of other traders. It offers you an exclusive authority to use it. Your logo registration will restrict third parties from using similar logo for similar products and services as these are protected by registering your logo in India. Logos play the most significant role in brand recognition and marketing. These logos have become identifiable immediately as it can identify the source of specific products and services. Generally, companies would like to invest a lot of capital to make an eye-catching logo to make strong brand recognition.

You can use your logo as a marketing instrument so that customers can be familiar with your products or services. It is important to make your business valuable and successful once the ownership of the logo is made legalized for the product or service. Logo registration will offer you the capability to establish your right on the logo in court. This is an asset as part of an intellectual property audit that any investor would be interested in knowing you. It can be started using it approximately in 3 days.

One Click Business Solutions offers logo registration services in order to improve your business. By offering client oriented business logo solutions, we help growing the business of our clients. Though our matchless logo registration services, we assist our customers in getting this registration procedure comfortably done without any hassle. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled lawyers, who will help you while registering your logo at reasonable price that suit your budget and needs.

Logo Registration Procedure

Step 1 – Logo Availability Search - This can be accomplished both online and offline. It is suggested that you discuss with an experienced lawyer (you need to offer an authorisation letter to him/ her). They are familiar in the technique and can perform an exhaustive search.

Step 2 – Filing of Form TM-1 - Each such form would include only 1 application. If you register the trademark in 2 classes and a separate logo for each, you need to make 4 applications. In case of the logos, you need giving a picture of it in the JPEG format. The acknowledgement, including application number and filing date is obtained instantly but the original representation sheet would need another 2 days.

Step 3 – Use Trademark – Now your ™ is ready to use. But it will take time to get the registration symbol ®. This can take up to 2 years.

Step 4 - Issue of Report of Examination - The procedure of questioning your claim to the trademarked logo only begins now.  First the government will check if it has objections to the application. Let us see the process :

No Objection - If the government has no objection to the trademark applied for in its examination report, it will serve a letter of acceptance. After which an advertisement will be given in the trade marks journal.

An Objection - The government can raise objections for a number of reasons :

It may consider the word or logo similar to an existing trademark

It could hurt religious sentiments.

You may want to challenge this objection by paying the prescribed fee for that. This is to make a response to the objection or present proof of the uniqueness of your trademark. An interview with the examiner may be posted too. In this circumstance, it is very important for the lawyer to be fully aware of your business activities. If the objection is withdrawn by the government, it will then publish the advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal.

Step 5 - Advertisement in Trade Marks Journal – Once the government have given its approval, the trademark is now completed to be seen by the public in the trade marks journal. If no one opposes it within 4 months since its publication, the trademark registration certificate will be served in 6 to 10 months. However, if an opposition takes place, the matter could be delayed for months, as both parties will be offered opportunity to deliver their statements. Legal fees would also be applicable.

Step 6 – Trademark Registration – The trademark will be registered approximately after 9 months since the advertisement is published. In the case of an opposition, 9 months after the registrar rules in your favour. Validity of the registered trademark remains active for 10 years at a time and is renewable before it gets expired.

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