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ESI or Employee State Insurance refers to a health insurance scheme and self-financing public safety for workers in India. If an employee gets Rs 21000 or below p.m. as wages then the employee donates 1.75% and employer donates 4.75% and total is 6.5%. As par ESI rules and regulation in Employees State Insurance Act 1948, if employees are licensed under ESI, they will get many benefits under this.

Such facilities are indeed helpful to enhance assurance, health, skill, well-being and development of employees. Therefore, a license under the ESI scheme is considered as a legal responsibility of the employer involved in any economic operation.

Eligibility to get ESI

Employee license is entitled whenever company or firm or organization employees are restricted to ten or more workers. According to the rule, they need to get separable salary and wages less than Rs 21000 pm. If anyone gets registered in ESI then he or she needs to contribute 1.75% of his or her salary. Company has to donate 4.75% in employee's salary. Once registration process is completed, ESIC offers appreciation to the employing body and 17 digit identification code to the worker.

Benefits of ESI Registration

ESI registration includes various advantages which are offered by ESIC with expert support through its vast network of dispensaries, branch offices and hospitals throughout India. The benefits of ESI include the following :

90% of monthly salary will be paid for the disability of the concerned workers. In case death of any worker for work related issue took place, ESIC offers 90% of his or her salary to the dependents every month.

Processes and Needs for ESI Registration

The processes and needs for ESI registration include a number of procedures :

The workers need to submit completed Employee's Registration to the ESIC with all supporting documents as follows :

Every staff needs to fill form-1 and submit a photograph to their employer.

Certified photo copies of documents related to incorporation of the company and its business.

List of Documents to be needed :

List of employees (At least 10)

PAN Card of proprietor/company/LLP/partnership

Cancelled cheque

Partnership deed is needed for the case of LLP/partnership

AOA, MOA and COI is essential in case of company

Aadhaar card of proprietor/partners/directors

Proof of premises such as electricity bill, rent agreement, NOC from landlord and others

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is known as ESI?

ESI stands for Employee State Insurance. This is an Insurance system for employees and their family regulated by government, as health insurance covering disability, maternity, sickness and others.

Ques: Who needs ESI registration compulsorily?

Every organization, shop and factory possessing 10 or more employees needs to obtain registration under Employees' State Insurance.

Ques: How much does an employee contribute towards ESI?

Out of the total 6.5% amount that is donated towards ESI, only 1.75% is subtracted from the salary of employee, rest is donated by the employer.

Ques: What are the incentives started by the Government for ESI members?

The government has launched a variety of health care advantages for poor families. The families covered under NHPS scheme can obtain medical services through ESI Hospitals. In addition, employees covered under the ESI scheme are likely to get medical treatment for them and their dependents.

Ques: What are known as other incentives for the ESI members?

The ESI members are likely to get a number of benefits like :

Unemployment cash advantage

Maternity advantage


Allowance for female employees

Moreover, there is a disablement advantage also.

Ques: How can ESI registration contribute in pension?

The employees covered under the ESI system, can get a family pension.

Ques: What is the process for the registration of an employer?

An employer can apply for FORM 01 within 15 days since when the act becomes pertinent to an organization or an entity.

Ques: Is it compulsory for employers to get registered under the ESI?

Yes, this is a compulsory need for all employers who come under this act to register their Establishment/Factory/Unit.

Ques: What are compliance needs?

Every employer who is covered under this act needs complying with different compliances like the deposit of monthly contribution for filing the half yearly return and report to the ESIC authorities if there is any change in the business operation, its address, ownership and the management, the preservation of registers and records and others.

Ques: Are the benefits granted to the insured employees can be transferred?

No, the right to obtain any benefits under this act cannot be transferred.

Ques: Is it compulsory for the employer to perform registration under the scheme?

Yes, it is the legal duty of the employer to perform the registration of their Establishment/ Factory/Organization under the ESI Act within 15 days since the date when the act becomes pertinent to them.

Ques: What is known as ESI Code number?

This is known as the 17-digit unique identification number which is allotted to all registered organization. This number is generated via the ESIC portal while completing submission of necessary information by the employer. It is also generated while obtaining a survey report from the Social Security Officer.

Ques: What refers to the time limit for the payment of contribution?

The contribution will be paid for the employees into a bank accordingly authorised by the Corporation within 21 days of the last day of the month whereon the contribution owes for any wage period.

Ques: Is there any interest on the late payment?

An employer, who fails to pay the contribution within the time limit, shall be responsible to pay a simple interest @ 12% p.a. for each day of the delay regarding payment of contribution.

Ques: What is known as registration of an employee?

According to the Act, the registration refers to a process of recording the information about the admission of an employee into insured employment.

Ques: Why is the registration of an employee required?

The registration of the employees is important to recognize the employee and to offer the benefits to them under the Act which are related to the contributions paid by the employer for each of the insured employees.

Ques: What is meant by an identity card?

After registering under the scheme, the employer can give a temporary identity certificate, affixed with employee's photo and then verify it for use which will be applicable for a period of 3 months. This identity card plays as an instrument for identification for both claiming the medical advantage at dispensary / hospital and for claiming the cash advantages at the ESI branch Office.

Ques: What is the scale of the medical advantage?

The scale of the medical advantage incorporates the entire medical treatment from beginning to end.

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