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Society Registration

A group of people or an entity may work not to earn profit but in order to perform welfare of the common public. Their activity can help the community and its welfare. They can choose society registration to achieve legal status. A non-commercial company with seven or more individuals coming for any literary, scientific or charitable reasons or for any reason stated under section 20 of the Society Registration Act, 1860 are eligible to perform Society Registration. They need to subscribe their names in a Memorandum of Association and also filing to the register with the same.

According to Section 20 under the Society Registration Act 1860, following entities can apply for Society Registration:

The Military orphan funds or societies set up at the many presidencies across India

Charitable Societies

Public Museums and Galleries of

Collections of natural history

Paintings and other art works


Philosophical and mechanical discoveries


Societies set up for

Distribution of important knowledge

Promotion of literature, science or the fine arts for instruction

Foundation and maintenance of reading rooms or libraries for common use among the members

Distribution of political knowledge

Society Registration

What are the significant characteristics of society registration?

Following features are included in society registration:

For companies, individuals or societies registered outside India can be interested to start a society in India. They need to subscribe to the Memorandum of a Society in India.

At least 7 or more members are needed for society registration

It is not compulsory to register a society in India. However legal protection can be obtained with society registration. They get a number facilities offered by government.

Purpose of Society Registration

The most important purpose of society registration is to offer legal status to the societies in India. It facilitates improvement of the complete legal conditions of societies. Therefore, Society Registration Act is vital. Society Registration is controlled by Society Registration Act.

Society Registration Procedure

According to Section 12 of the Act, purpose or purposes of society registration can be modified, abridged, extended due to any reason is coming under the scope of the Act. Even amalgamation of society can be taken place completely or partially with any other society. The process of Society Registration is controlled by Section 12 of the Act.

An application for society registration is to be done with the particular state authority where the registered office of the society is there. Before applying for society registration with the registrar, existing members need to be consistent with the name of the society. After that, finalization of Memorandum of Association is done. The rules and regulations of the society are described in the Memorandum of Association.

1. Finalize the Name of the Society – At the time of finalization of the name of the society, it is required to fulfil the Society Act, 1860. The name of the proposed society should not be similar or identical to any already registered society. Else this will not get approval of the authority. The proposed name should not violate the norms or regulations of Central Government or State Government. It is mandatory to follow the provisions of Emblem & Names Act, 1950 while finalizing the name. The proposed name should not have any phrase or word that may violate any community or government.

2. Memorandum of Association – According to the Society Registration Act, Section 2, a Memorandum of Association must contain the following:

The registered office of the society

Name of the society

Objectives and aims of the society

Area in which the society is supposed to operate

Governing body

Name, address and other details of the governing body such as director, council and other members who will be involved in management of the society

Interested individuals

A photocopy of the rules and regulations of the society certified by minimum 3 members of the governing body is required to be filed.

3. Rules and Regulations – The rules must include the following details in accordance with society registration:

Subscription and membership

Constitution of the Society

Details of the office bearers

Termination of the members

Source of income of bank accounts of society

Tasks of the office bearers




Provision of Legal Disputes

Distribution of the Society

Note – The list is not complete and may differ according to individual case.

4. Application of File for Society Registration – Society Registration is managed by the State Government. Therefore the application for society registration must be submitted to the approved authority of the state where the society's registered office is there. The state government decide the requisite fees of the registration.

Documents needed for Society Registration in India

Following documents are needed to register a society in India:

Memorandum of Association

A cover letter with a request for society registration

List of members of the society

Photocopy of rules and regulation of the Society

Residential proof of the members

Affidavits of the office bearers

No objection certificate from the landlord or proof of registered address

2 copies of all the above documents must be submitted to Registrar of the Societies with the prescribed requisite fee. One copy should be returned as acknowledgement. After a thorough verification of the documents, an Incorporation Certificate with a registration number will be given.

Advantages of a Society

It ensures cooperation.

It facilitates teamwork

It conveys synergy

It makes rules of actions for peaceful living

It educates to share and care

It contributes a balance between independence and inter-dependence

It cuts the cost of living and offers physical and psychological protection

Disadvantages of a Society

Society uses coercive processes for fulfilment of social standards

It makes rules to manage individual freedom. Enhanced physical and mental pressure can be involved that is harmful for health of an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Who can apply for society registration?

Apart from individuals, following are eligible to subscribe the memorandum of society:



Registered Society

Partnership Firm

Ques: What are the elements of a memorandum of association of society?

Memorandum of association of a society contains the following components:

Object of the society

Name of the society

Details of the society's registered office

Details of the 7 or more members of the Society like name, address and others

Ques: What are the rights of the members of society?

Following are the rights of a member:

Right to acquire notices and copies of the bye-laws

Right to vote

Right for participating in the general meeting of the society

Right for obtaining statement of accounts

Ques: Can the name of a society be changed?

Following rules are required to be followed to change the name of the society:

A general meeting should be organized

A resolution should be approved by the majority of the members

A notice about the change of name should be submitted with the registrar that is required to be signed by the members and secretary of the society.

Ques: Whether profits can be distributed to the members of the society?

According to Society Registration Act, 1860, Section 14, members cannot get profits.

Ques: Can family members make a Society?

No, members of the same family cannot make a society. While registering a society in one state, its area of operation will be in that state only.

Ques: How to register a Society?

Society Registration Process is as follows:

Step 1 - Selection of unique name

Step 2 - Making Memorandum of Association along with rules and regulations

Various Clauses are included in the Memorandum of Association like:
Registered office clause
Name clause
General body member clause and their list
Objection clause
Executive body and office bearer clause and list

Following clauses are included in the Rules and Regulations Clauses:
Subscription clause
Membership clause
Governing body or committee clause
Meeting clause
Legal process

Step 3 – Other important documents are:

Certified copy of duly passed resolution for society registration resolution
Cover letter related to request for society registration duly signed by the founding members
Minutes of the meeting
Id Proof and address proof of the members
Declaration by the president of the society

Step 4 – Submission of documents

The memorandum of association along with rules and regulations documents needs to be filed to the registrar of the society of the state. The fee is as specified by the State Government. Once registrar will be satisfied with the documents and terms and conditions of the organization, he will certify the society as registered.

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