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Rent or Lease Agreement

It grants exclusive possession of immovable property to tenant Eviction cannot be easily achieved without a proper notice before one or two months in writing. It was previously governed by the Rent Control Act, 1948 and now by the Premises Tenancy Acts in every state like in West Bengal by the West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, 1999.

It is not revocable by the Landlord.

It creates heritable rights to the landlord and/or tenant.

It creates property rights to the tenant.

It is transferable i.e. to the successors/assigns/heirs etc. Its termination is not very easy.

What is Rent Agreement in India

A rent agreement is a type of statutory document that made with pre-discussed rules and conditions between a land/house owner and the proposed inhabitant. Most of the land owner prefers to sign rent agreement with 11 months term. Making Rent agreement is important when people are renting a land, house, apartment, and commercial spaces. It will be a formally written agreement between the landowner and tenant to enforce some basic and specific terms.

What to include in Rent Agreement

Name and address details of the landlord and tenants,

Deposits and rent charges,

Charges with electricity, water and other types of maintenance,

Renovation, repair and property damage expenses,

Roles and Responsibility of the tenants and landlord,

Extension and termination of the rent agreement,

Other types of terms and conditions (if there is any)

Types of Rent Agreement

There are two types of Rent Agreement can be made.

Residential Rent Agreement,

Commercial Rent Agreement,


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