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What is Import Export Code?

Import Export (IE) Code is known as a registration required for individuals importing or exporting goods and services from India. IE Code is served by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. No individual is permitted to export or import goods without Import Export Code (IEC). A number of importers and exporters get exempted from acquiring Import Export Code :

State Government


Ministries or Departments of Central

Individuals importing or exporting products for personal use not associated with trading or manufacturing or agriculture.

Individuals importing or exporting commodities from or to Myanmar through Indo-Myanmar border areas, Nepal and China provided that CIF value of a single delivery is not more than Rs. 25000. In the case of Nathula port, the maximum limit of exemption is Rs.1 lakh. Exemption from getting IE code is not valid in the case of export of special organisms, chemicals, equipments, materials and technologies enlisted in Appendix 3 of Schedule 2 of ITC HS.

Essential Documents for applying Import Export Code

Proprietorship -

Photocopy of PAN card of the Proprietor

Digital Photograph of the Proprietor (3x3cms)

Any one of these (Photocopy of Voter's I-Card/ Passport (first and last page)/ Driving Licence/ Aadhaar card)

Sale deed in case business premise is rental / self-owned / Lease Agreement

If office is rented/ leased or latest telephone /electricity bill

Bank Certificate as per ANF 2A(I)/ Cancelled Cheque with pre-printed name of applicant and A/C No

Partnership Firm -

Digital Photograph of the Managing Partner (3x3cms)

Photocopy of PAN card of the applicant unit

Any one of the Photocopy of Voter's I-Card /Passport (first and last page)/ Driving Licence/UID (Aadhaar Card) / PAN of the Managing Partner signing the application

Duplicate copy of Partnership Deed

Sale deed in case business premise is self-owned or Lease /Rental Agreement

If office is rented/ leased or most up-to-date telephone/ electricity bill

Bank Certificate according to ANF 2A (I) /Cancelled Cheque with pre-printed name of the applicant unit and A/C No.


Digital Photograph of the Karta (3x3cms)

Photocopy of PAN card of the Karta

Duplicate copy of any one of the Voter's I-Card/ Passport (first and last page) / Driving Licence /UID (Aadhaar card) of the Karta.

Sale deed if business premise is self-owned or Rental / Lease Agreement

If office is leased / rented or most up-to-date telephone / electricity bill

Cancelled Cheque with pre-printed name of applicant / Bank Certificate according to ANF 2A(I) and A/C No.

Society or Trust

Digital Photograph of the signatory applicant/Secretary or Chief Executive (3x3cms)

Photocopy of PAN card of the applicant unit

Photocopy of any one of the Voter's I-Card / first and last page of passport/ UID (Aadhaar Card) / PAN / driving licence of the secretary or chief executive/ managing trustee signing the application.

Sale deed if business premise is self-owned or Lease / Rental Agreement

In case office is rented/ leased

Or the most up-to-date telephone / electricity bill

Duplicate copy of the Trust Deed / Registration Certificate of the Society

Bank Certificate according to ANF 2A(I) / Cancelled Cheque with pre-printed name of the Registered Trust / Society and A/C No.

Issue of Import Export Code

Once the online application is submitted with prescribed fees and necessary documents, Import Export Code will be auto-generated. Intimation about allotment of Import Export Code will be sent to an applicant through SMS and E-mail with a hyperlink through which the e-IEC can be downloaded and printed. The Import Export Code certificate will only be offered digitally and can be downloaded from the link offered. An e-IEC (Import Export Code) holder requires updating his profile instantly after issuing the e-IEC (Import Export Code). Moreover, in the case of any change to the details stated in the IEC (Import Export Code) or in any other situation, the profile update requires to be accomplished at least once in a year, according to para 2.15 of the Handbook of Procedure, 2015-2020.

However the import-export code is auto-generated, the Regional Authority would conduct post-verification of the online IEC (Import Export Code) according to guidelines. If there is any incomplete information being provided, the applicant would be accountable for criminal / penal action and in such a case, IEC (Import Export Code) would be either cancelled / suspended.

RCMC Registration

Individuals having import-export code can apply for and get RCMC registration. Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) involves a certificate that authenticates an exporter managing with products incorporated with an organisation/agency that are approved by the Government of India. The certificate is served for 5 years by the Export Promotional Councils or commodity board in India. An exporter wants to get an RCMC must announce his mainstream business in the application. This application would be submitted to the Commodity Board / Export Promotion Council concerning that line of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is meant by Import Export Code?

IEC is the abbreviated form of Import Export Code. It is needed for any individual involved in importing or exporting products and services to or from India.

Ques: Why Import Export code is important?

All importers need to talk about their IE Code while paying off customs when their commodities arrive in India. All exporters should state their Import Export Code while exporting their products from India. In addition, now RBI instructs mentioning Import Export Code in foreign remittances in bank account while importing or exporting services to also. So, IE Code is important for anyone associated in import or export in India.

Ques: Is there any tax levied on Import Export Code?

No. IE Code does not denote any tax registration. So no tax is imposed depending on Import Export Code during import or export of products or services. Though, customs duty maybe imposed.

Ques: For whom IE Code registration is compulsory?

Any individual who intends to import or export commodities and services from or to India must get IE Code.

Can Individuals get IE Code?

Yes, individuals performing as owners of a business can get IE Code Registration.

Ques: What are the necessary documents for IE Code registration process?

In order to get IE Code registration procedure completed :

Proof of address of business and constitution of the business [Incorporation Certificate, Partnership deed]

Photocopy of PAN Card and a letter from the banker is necessary.

Ques: How long it takes to complete IE Code registration?

IE Code Registration can be acquired from the DGFT approximately in 10 to 15 working days after submission of all necessary documents and application.

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